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And Now...?

I keep checking my website for errors and I always forget to update this blog. Nowadays, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter keep me busy. Even then, I find them annoying, especially Instagram!!

So, now, I have to say this (and I cannot believe that I am). I am a serious author. I am not into looking for another person to spend my life with, downloading other apps or whatever it is that people are asking me to do. I am happily married with one child. I am here to enlighten and learn. I give love and light. However or whatever ways you do so, I respect that and honor the spirit in you.

PLEASE do not message me with these requests. You will be reported and blocked. If applicable, you will be reported to the appropriate authorities. I do not tolerate and appreciate those who pretend to serve in our armed forces, lie to me about their marital status and children and send me nude pictures.

I am releasing ego and inviting peace. You should do the same, if you can, in what ways you can. Namaste!

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