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I am sure that everyone knows the controversial song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

Well, it's hot as hell outside.


I have not really been around for the past few days. I am on vacation from work and decided to spend some time with my son. While I never regret doing that, I will be cautious in the future. When driving on an extremely hot day, 1 must always remember sunscreen, especially when driving and the sun is on your left arm mostly.

As always, a few thoughts...

I will post this on social media and on the website. Recently, I have been inundated with spam, most of them requests for promotions. It is my fault. I found someone through Instagram and it was suggested through a trusted friend of mine. It has gotten out of control.

When the message about not being interested and giving gratitude for being though of turns into harassment, I have to put my foot down. From now on, I will automatically begin blocking messengers who pester me with promotion offers repeatedly. I will give 1 message and, if it is negative, let it go. When reaching out for offers and events, I prefer people to contact me initially on my website 1st anyway (this will lead to email).

August 20 is coming up!! I will still be live on Facebook, to speak about "Casting Shadows". "The Circle is Broken" will also be on Kindle pre-order on Amazon. The event is still $0.99 until the week of the event, when it will go to $1.99.

I am honestly not fond of Facebook live. I find it cumbersome. I have been experimenting with Tik Tok. I don't know if I will move over to that media or not. Some days, I feel like technology evolves faster than I can keep up. I am just a simple person. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Recently, I have been exploring social media more, mainly Twitter. I find it useful in many ways. Others, not so much. I love supporting as many people as I can and passing the word about a good business or person. I do not like the negativity and misinformation there.

Everything is always a learning process. Just because it is the norm, does not mean it is the way to always go. And this coming from a self-published author.

I hope everyone stays cool. Namaste!

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