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What is Family Loyalty?

It's a strange question, isn't it?

What is family loyalty?

I was thinking about this when I was speaking with my PR the other night actually. I was thinking back to being in the local paper and remembered the question I was asked. What themes did my books portray? "A World So Bright and Dark" was reaching out and making sure people knew they were not alone.What does "Casting Shadows" want us to learn?

That is where family loyalty comes into play.

No spoiler alert, by the way.

The main character,s, Jayne and Nora, are caught between the throne, war and each other. They each led different lives and are two different people. How do you reconcile the two? When one feels like she can do what she pleases and the other reaching for destiny?

People can say that you have varying personalities and still be family. Yes, you can. I cannot disagree with the statement. However, when it means death, what does family loyalty mean to you?

Death can be many things: your life, a soul and more. How much of yourself are you going to sacrifice? Will it mean that you benefit or does it mean you are left out? Will you support anyone, no matter the consequences? Where do you cross the line?

Let me know what you think!

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