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Welcome - Some Changes

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Some decisions were made today.

This was difficult, but I have decided to no longer use social media messenger services. If you have a serious business inquiry, you can email me at I will no longer be checking the inboxes. There is also a chat option here on the website or there is the blog. You can make quicker contact that way.

To add, the same applies to the CT Authors Partnership. I will not be taking messages from social media. Please use my email. Any phone calls can be organized later.

Next, it has been decided that the CT Authors Partnership will be more diligent in ensuring that events are running smoother. With that being stated, other than applications, info will be provided on paper on what the arrangements are for the nonprofit and the venue. There appears to have been miscommunications at the previous venue (amongst other interests) and, with the situation being "He said, She said", I do not want to be on the short end again.

I also wanted to make this clear. Because the nonprofit has no office, the address is publicly shown as my home address. Unless you have official business with me or the nonprofit (which I will not usually request), my home is my private space. My life and struggles are like any other person's. Please respect our privacy.

Thank you for understanding.

Now, welcome to the newcomers! I am the self=published author who should have been on the scene thirty years ago. I am Sara Ellie MacKenzie, author of (currently) four fiction books. I am also THAT author...yes, that annoying one...who is going to root for your success. Being an indie author is very hard. The biggest part of the fight is uniting our resources...and making publishing available to everyone, in any format.

Did I mention that I love books too?


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