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Welcome, Everyone!

I am beginning to realize that this is going to be a regular thing. Apologies to everyone who has read this again and again. With the onset of new followers, I have to remind myself that not everyone knows what is going on.

Easy part: I am Sara Ellie MacKenzie, indie author and owner of the nonprofit CT Authors Partnership. I write lots of things (you name it), currently an epic fantasy/action adventure series. I am going to be releasing book 4 in this series very soon.

I do many things on this blog: #BehindTheScenes, #FindOutFriday and more. I talk about my chronic illnesses. Sometimes, I put up spoilers from my upcoming books and tell some news. I like taking suggestions for what readers want to know too. And then, there are posts like this, where I talk about me.

I have hardly any rules here. Be kind. If you disagree, eye roll and scroll. If you must debate, be respectful. I do not answer direct messages on social media. I will comment here or on social media. You can also email me at

I hope you find the happiness and peace within you. May you be blessed in light and love. Namaste!

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