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Up, Up and Away (Part II)!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Well, I guess there is a reason to write more here.

Or is it that I like getting off of social media once in a while?


I am very excited about the Big E. For those who are not in New England, this is a fair that happened every autumn, between September and October, and it celebrates the 6 states. There are vendors, games, rides and more. What makes this unique is that each New England state has its own house on an avenue, where anyone can walk in and experience the best that the state has to offer.

Recently (and I am sure that I said this), I joined the CT Authors and Publishers Association, which is selling local author's' books at this fair. I have volunteered to do some hours there and I will be selling copies of "Casting Shadows" there. I just have to wait for my hours. I won't bring many copies up, though.

My live event is still scheduled for Facebook. After some hiccups, I finally got it organized on this page. Tickets are still $0.99 until the week of the event, when it will be $1.99. This event will discuss "Casting Shadows" and celebrate the beginning of the pre-order for "The Circle is Broken".

As a final reminder, these are the release dates for the remainder of the Klenard series (and I did some fixing the dates):

  1. The Circle is Broken - August 15, 2022

  2. Through the Meadow - December 16, 2023

  3. Revolution - September 4, 2024

  4. From Across the Sea - November 28, 2025

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