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Summer Nights and Twilight

Oh, they are coming and I am excited! Already, 8 PM comes and the sun is still lingering. I can see the shadow of the trees across the street and it is beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I like how New England gives me every season. Summer has its own charm, though.

Onto those things people like me to talk about. The author things. Like Klenard and Tommel and what is GOING ON!!! I already announced the new book, set to be released (at the latest) December 8. You all know that Nora is featured in the books, but that the narrator is Miranda. She is a lesbian and intent on bringing it all done. But WHAT OTHER MADNESS AM I UP TO?!

No events are happening (for now). I am waiting on word on a few of them. It has been a gentle, quiet time, and I love the peace. I write. I do normal mom things. And by Friday, my son will be at home until the end of August. That will be both a joy and an annoyance.

Through the Meadow samples will be up within a few months. They will not be as extensive as the other books. No, you cannot read this as a standalone novel. You have to read through the other volumes. It will all make sense otherwise. And make of it what you will. Bad reviews do not bother me.

My only hope is that you'll see some brightness, some sunshine, in your days ahead. I hope that my books will somehow reach out to you, shock and surprise you and even make you shout. Get yourself wrapped in an adventure that you will never forget. Nora conquering Klenard was only the beginning. The involvement of a domineering power is set to destroy the world shall be the ending.

But what happens then? What happens between those points? Who comes out as the victor in the end?

Find out. Read on!

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