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Summer Break!

Wow. This has been a busy summer so far! I have some plans and they all involve my son. He has been my focus. And before anyone asks about camp or daycare...mind your business.

Calvin always comes first in our lives. While making a livelihood is taking care of him, having him home full time brings some of my work to a halt. I thought I could get back to the grind of games and social media. However, an autistic child brings forth a reminder that there is more than one person in this house - and he missed me while he was in school.

There will be some social media posts and updates here. When Calvin goes back to school in September, everything will begin again. Being a nonprofit owner and an author on my own is a lot of work. I need to make time for those who matter the most to me.

If you have never had kids and been unloved growing up, having this opportunity is a dream come true. I cannot thank my husband enough for this great sacrifice. It's a lot of work doing it on my own with no money and nothing coming in. But I know we are going to make it.

Check out the Events page for the next stop. Trinity-on-Main will host another event in the autumn, so keep your ears peeled. I will also be in Bristol next month...


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