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No Doubts Now!

Today is one of those days where I feel like there is no doubt of my direction and where I'm going. Well, other than procrastinating on editing, I feel like I am on the pathway I need to be on. There are going to be changes and I feel that it is good.

Once I upgrade my phone, I hope to have a larger presence on social media. I mostly post on Facebook, but it is tough to add apps to an old phone with little space. This means that I will be on Twitter and Instagram more. Please follow me! I have some posts there. I want to make sure that I am reaching everyone that I can. So many people have different preferences. I don't want anyone to miss out!

Things have been crazy this past summer. My father died and I lost my car to a teenager texting and running a red light. COVID has kept us inside a lot and we've had to care for more relatives. This autumn, I am looking to change that. While I might not put out a lot, I want to be present.

I also want you all to remembera few things. I want you to know that small differences can make the biggest changes. There are people who are kind out thtere. Not to mention, lives can be changed. Don't be alone. Love, Cry. Embrace.

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