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Leaps and Bounds

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Yep. I am not joking. There is so much that happened in the past few days that I am psyched. I am trying to keep up with all of the medias, to make sure everybody is notified.

Well, Barnes and Noble published the print version of A World So Bright and Dark! It took them days (more than the three days promised), but it's on sale at the same price as Amazon, $17.95. There will also be the same sale starting Black Friday - 25% off. Using the promo code BNPPRINTXMAS19.

I will not be publishing through any other websites. All future books will run through the same publishers. In addition, there will be audio book editions of each, to take into consideration those who have visual impairments.

And it got me excited! It was a wonderful opportunity to make this book go audio with ACX. And I thought it would take days for someone to audition. NO! I was surprised to see a message that someone had sent me a sample to listen to. And I was amazed!

Taylor Zimmet is the young lady's name. And she is talented! She is a budding actress and does wonders with voice. Her Irish voice behind Lizzie's naive nature was perfect and just as I imagined her to sound like. A done deal!

I will post Taylor's website below. But I just want to say how excited I am about her working on this project with me. I hope you all take a look at her website.

Lastly, I have talked with the Danvers Historical Society. I am going to be there within the next few months, researching the next book. While their suggestion of using a Google search for "witchcraft" was not ideal, they still had material I am currently reviewing. It's obvious where this is going: Salem Witch Trials.

I don't want to make this book like many others before it. But I will carefully comb through the leading sources of the event and craft the characters differently than the others before. I just hope to be as true to them as many others before me.

I'll try to keep everyone posted. I am still on Facebook and Twitter. If anybody needs the contact information, please let me know. I am also available for email. Good night!

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