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I've Earned This

It has almost been four years since "A World So Bright and Dark" was published. I've come a long way from that moment. Trying to figure out how to use the internet to reach people. Social media accounts being opened. Marketing and sales studied (and still are). I did not imagine that I would be here, right now.

Attitudes changed. Running this gig full time. Continuously justifying my nagging about reviews and sharing. Trying to find ways to promote the nonprofit. Being there for other indie authors as much as I can while tending to my own growing needs. My son is going from elementary to middle school, and that is a huge adjustment for a special needs child.

I look at this picture and think: I've earned this. I've come far in that time. And I have more ideas to expand and grow. This industry is getting too old with traditional publishing houses. It's time for something new. It's time for people to look at things a different way. It's time for us to step and to change the system. Know your worth, your inner gifts, and act. If we cannot find a solution, the problem will continue.

CT Authors Partnership is about not only supporting each other as authors, but innovation. We are always looking for new ways to break through that glass ceiling. Because there should not be 1 there, for anyone. And if there is, we should be breaking it and putting our hand out. Everything will heal somehow.


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