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I'm Still Here!

Damn, has it ever been busy.

I have been on overtime at work until recently. I've also been trying to finish up the 1st draft of "The Circle is Broken" and begin on "Through the Meadow". Not to mention, family coming, spreading my father's ashes and more. It has been a busy spring.

But I am still here!

I hope all is well. So far, I am hopeful that COVID is beginning to abate somewhat with the vaccine. Warm weather is coming too. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. All is alive again and it is hot enough to play outside. No more shoveling snow either!

Everything is on schedule. All seems to be as planned. I wish you all the best. Hopefully, more news will come! By August, "The Circle is Broken" will be on pre-order on Amazon and samples will come to this blog.

Stay tuned!

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