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Hold Me Closer?

Yes, I did listen to the new Elton John/Brittney Spears song. Honestly, I do not have an opinion of it yet. I like to listen to it a few times. But I do get good vibes from it, so I hope this is a good comeback.

Well, anyway...holding closer. What does it mean? Anything you want it to be. Yourself, your friends and family, even your fur baby. It is that time of the year for parents. The kids are going back to school. Mine is starting tomorrow and he is going into 5th grade. Others are getting excited for autumn, dominating the last weeks of summer with their pumpkin spice (and no, I am not a fan).

It's also about letting out some secrets. I've held a lot close to my chest. Mostly, it's about the books. But I wanted to know what people wanted to hear about #BehindTheScenes Thursdays. No, I am not letting out details someone can answer for my banking. But I want to connect with YOU and see what you think. Please comment.

Anxious about tomorrow. Working hard on Through the Meadow. It is tough forming a new set of characters after ones you love are done telling their story. I have thousands of other ideas in my head and all of them I want to write for you. I cannot wait to finish this and begin the next book.

Klenard is but a revolution away from destruction. You care to see why? It all starts with two sisters, who fought for a Crown their father sullied...


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