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Flicker and Fade

I am still listening to the audio book. Taylor Zimmet is doing a wonderful job so far. I will not give any other feedback yet. I want her and the producer to hear it first. It is several hours long and will take a bit to review too.

I already announced this on social media (Facebook and Twitter anyway) and I am pretty sure that I said something about this (I know that I mentioned a series concerning Klenard). Casting Shadows is getting too long. I decided to split the story of Princesses Jayne and Eleanor will be split into 2.

The next installment will be called The Circle is Broken. It will end their point of view and move on with the story of Klenard. Afterward, all other books on Klenard will be narrated by other characters from the walks of life in the kingdom. Any other information will be forthcoming.

Otherwise, I am going back to writing fan fiction a little. If you're interested in reading more, comment or message me. I will send the link. I've been toying with many ideas lately...

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. To be honest, I found a short story idea from a meme. No joke. I read 1 about a raccoon drinking holy wine and eating holy bread and being the holiest of the 1% that go to church. It was hilarious.

The weekend is ending. I am hoping to flicker and fade into sleep soon enough. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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