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#FindOutFriday Answers 9

Hi, everyone! I know not everyone is glad it is Friday, but today feels special. Here are the answers to #TriviaTuesday. Which ones did you guess right? Were you confused? Let me know in the comments section below!

  1. King Ludwig II of Bavaria - In Through the Meadow, readers will come across the Pithean King, Norman, and his visit to Miranda. While Ludwig was considered mad, it was his designing and building and his sense of style and (suspected) sexual orientation that helped to form King Norman.

  2. Mulan - The legend/history behind Mulan has fascinated many for generations, most recently with the Disney movie. Of course, Nora's disguise and running to the Klenard Army was based on this idea, not to mention taking her father's place on the throne (although Mulan was said to take her father's place in the military).

  3. Empress Elizabeth ("Sisi") of Austria-Hungary - The mysterious and mystical empress and wife of Franz Jozef II of Austria was part of the basis for the travels of Miranda and Julia. She often traveled through Europe with only a lady in attendance, much like Miranda did when she lost her group of ladies.

  4. Thomas Culpepper - Unless you REALLY know Tudor history, you might miss this one, from the days of Henry VIII's fifth wife, Kathryn Howard. While James Howe did not share the same fate as Thomas Culpepper, they do share the same accusation of rape (whether true or not).

That's it, everyone. Stay safe. Namaste!

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