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#FindOutFriday Answers 5

Is it Friday already? Wow. Welcome back, everyone! Here are the answers from #TriviaTuesday. Did you guess any of the #FindOutFriday questions? Comment below!

  1. Child Marriages - The character of Miranda is married off at the age of twelve, the youngest a woman can be to be with a husband and have children. In many countries, and even in the US, child marriages are legal and some of the children are no more than ten years old.

  2. King George IV of England - While many might think that the character of James Howe was based off of Henry VIII, I used another English King as inspiration. George VI married illegally to a Catholic and then his cousin and was described as a glutton and a drunk, much like James was portrayed.

  3. Escaping - The concept of shipping people to safety is not new. I based Miranda's system loosely on the Resistance that sprung in France during World War II, where they fought different fronts of the same war.

  4. David Ricco - An historical character, who served in the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, in the sixteenth century. His murder by a hostile court faction was the basis of Father Thompson's, although Riccio did not lose his head!

Until next week, everyone...namaste! Have a great day!

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