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#FindOutFriday Answers 21

We are in June already! I cannot believe it. My son finishes his 1st year of middle school later this month, and then he has summer vacation. I will do another #BehindTheScenes next week and then, for a few months, I am on vacation, from this at least. I will return to #BehindTheScenes and #TriviaTuesday when Calvin returns to school in September.

For now, check out the answers. How many did you get right? Answer in the comments section!

  1. Cheka/NKVD/KGB - The many Soviet "policing" units were the basis for the Elmwood and the Crows. From their mission, to the uniform and the scare tactics, these Russian groups were painted in both fictional organizations. In Casting Shadows, Nora also described how her father demanded her to report any treason to her Elmwood, Jerry. This too was not only a tactic used in Nazi Germany. In the fictional kingdom of Klenard, everybody was encouraged to report on one another.

  2. Joan of England - This is an obscure one actually. In Casting Shadows, Nora spoke of her father's attempts to marry and sire a male heir. While adding that her sister Jayne was joyous when he failed, she mentioned the fate of one of the women. She died on her way to Klenard, before she could meet her new family. This I grabbed from history. King Edward III of England (1312-1377) had a daughter, Joan, who died of the plague on her way to her new land.

  3. Henry Darnley - The 2nd husband of Mary, Queen of Scots (of Elizabeth I fame), was doomed the moment he married the Queen and caused political and social unrest. I won't get into the secular and religious aspects of the act. His connection to the books is to Prince Charles of Lopet. Much like Lord Darnley, he was killed during civil unrest. While the two fates are different, their confident and bombastic attitudes got them into trouble.

That's it, everyone. Namaste! Have a great day!

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