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#FindOutFriday Answers 11

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday! Here are the #TriviaTuesday answers. Did you guess any of them? Leave a comment!

  1. Marian burnings - I specifically used the 1550's Marian burnings in England for a reason. While best known with over 300 dead, it was the basis for the executions of the women in Through the Meadow, down to the how the victims perished.

  2. Grace O'Malley - An Irish pirate of the 16th century, she caused some trouble for the Tudors. She was also the model I used for the character of Annette Sasha, even though my character is not considered royalty amongst her brethren.

  3. Illegal abortions - In Through the Meadow, Julia forces Miranda to agree to an operation that will save her life, but kill her child. The tools and feelings mentioned are based on stories I've read throughout the years about various women's experiences.

  4. Joan of England - This is an obscure detail, but this is another one from history - the death of the minor character of Princess Mae of Cherls. It was mentioned that she died of an illness before her marriage to King Gerald, just as Joan of England did.

Until next week, everyone, namaste! Have a safe and happy weekend!

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