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#FindOutFriday Answers 10

Hey, everyone! It's Friday again. I have the answers to this week's #TriviaTuesday. How many did you guess? Let me know!

  1. Steven D. Farmer - Oddly enough, he was the author of an oracle deck I own, called "Earth Magic". One of the cards he had was a meadow, with a description about vulnerability and openness - the inspiration for the title and poem behind Through the Meadow.

  2. Sea Rests - In the 19th century, many Victorians went to the shoreline to get well and be away from the city fumes. This served as a basis for a vacation, referenced many times throughout the series, mostly in Through the Meadow.

  3. Spanish Inquisition - In Through the Meadow, Miranda mentions how how the law is unfair to women, mostly how they are captured. The references of torture, interrogation, etc., are pulled straight from the Spanish Inquisition of the 15th and 16th centuries, where religion did have a huge factor in picking people up.

  4. Dual Spanish Monarchy - The 15th century dual Spanish monarchy of Isabella and Ferdinand was almost unheard of at the time. This partnership was the basis of Nora and Char's, although the Queen did not rule over Lopet.

The answer to the last Find Out Friday was...Rollerball!

That's it! Namaste, everyone. Have a great weekend!

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