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#FindOutFriday Answer 17

I cannot believe it is March already! This is the first in the #FindOutFriday series. Which ones did you guess correctly? Let me know in the comments.

  1. The sons of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine - This twelve century couple had several children. Out of five sons, four survived to adulthood and they caused their father grief. The inspiration for Miranda's children came from this infighting and brotherhood. The Dukes of Brenton, Neast and Shaeriden are closer than the Plantagenet Princes, though, but are just as powerful.

  2. Lord William Hastings - An historical figure best known to be King Edward IV's friend (think Wars of the Roses, England), he was also known for how he died. In British history, his case was considered extraordinary - he was accused of treason without evidence and immediately executed on a log. Like many mentioned through the series, people are killed without evidence and this man was the inspiration. Some stories refute the guilt of the individual. Jayne Brutrose was one, and her son Edward tried to change that. More will be revealed in Revolution.

  3. King Richard III of England - Everybody knows a version of Richard's story. He was best memorized in Shakespeare's play (based on Thomas Moore's account and catering to Tudor sentiment). His bitterness and deceit was best transferred to the character of Edward of Klenard. While Richard's mother outlived him, Edward justifies his rule like the English King had. While Richard claimed his nephews were bastards, Edward claimed that his mother was not the one and legal Queen of Klenard.

I know. I am heavy on English history. Namaste, everyone! Have a great day!

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