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I made the headline sound like there's a lot of big news. Well, there are some things to talk about. I haven't gotten back to social media yet. I have been posting some picture and articles on Facebook and that is about it. I hardly get on Twitter.

Well, anyway, I have been talking with the person who is helping out with the audio book, Taylor Zimmet. The deadline for the audio book was the last day of January. They ran into some problems with the recording. There was metallic sounds in the recording and she had to redo some sections.

This is a learning process for both of us apparently. I am new to the whole audio book thing and was not sure on specifics of timing, voice and everything. Taylor is on her 2nd recording (my book actually). It is wonderful to actually go through this with someone else. To know that you are learning about a new process with someone is an adventure, like every corner has an idea or compartment to pull apart.

A World So Bright and Dark will be available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes soon. I will reach out to Taylor this week (if she doesn't message me 1st). Hopefully, I will have more details soon! It will be a joy to listen to.

Other than early Christmas shopping for my son, niece and nephew, I have been thinking about the dreaded holiday this month. It'll be Valentine's Day at the end of the week. By dreaded, I mean forced, whined about and commercialized. While I love discounted candy the day after, I cannot help but feel that perhaps this is also a reminder.

Valentine's Day is about lovers. I do not need to go into the bloody history of the holiday. But I had a thought about it. It is not just for couples. Have you thought about loving yourself? Doing something for yourself?

You don't need to take yourself out on a date. Think about some self-care. Read a book you've always wanted to. Soak in the bathtub for a while. Scroll through social media or have a Netflix/Hulu/Disney+/whatever binge. Whatever will make you happy!

Isn't that what love is? We are taught to love others, but to love ourselves has always been the challenge. I think we all have an opportunity to be a little selfish once in a while. Just don't always do it! You can't always have your way.

Another thing I have been thinking about lately is baby steps. My manager has been talking to me about them. By far, I am NOT a patient person. I want things done NOW and not have to wait. It makes for a frustrating life!

But the way she talked about taking it little by little has me thinking too. There are SO many ideas and things I want to do. However, there has to be smaller steps before I can make it to the next stepping stone.

By nature, I am socially awkward and shy. I don't physically talk a lot unless I know you very well, like my husband. To market myself and to show people who I am is tough. Even saying "Good morning" to someone makes me want to run and hide. I am generally not a people person. Makes for a bad banker and author, right?

Well, my manager is wonderful. She is bubbly by nature. So, she has me try to talk to people, even if in greeting only. She feels that to be approachable is a baby step. It means that you are beginning to show people interest. You are not hiding behind a mask or looking at the floor.

Which is honestly what I do. Really. I can't look people in the eye. I try to smile and be nice because that is what being a human being is supposed to be. I hold doors for people, ask if they need help or anything I can do. But otherwise, I keep to myself.

This actually gave way to a great performance review. This manager has been with me since last July. She has helped me to realize that, despite being so accomplished, I still have more to achieve. Now, I will have her for a full year and am excited about the opportunities. It's a call center, but it's bearable with the excitement she has contained within me.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Has going backwards and then forwards been liberating? Frustrating? Satisfying? What do you think?

Lastly, just thinking about my new story. It's coming along. Every new plot line has me thinking of how to connect the dots. I just hope you all are as fascinated with the Kingdom of Klenard as I am. I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

If anyone knows of an artist, please let me know. I need someone to draw maps for me. I cannot work computer programming very well when it comes to fantasy maps and I cannot draw for the life of me. I can imagine it in my head. Otherwise, pencil to paper is impossible.

I will post another snippet of the story at another time. For now, I am content that you all know about the sisters. It is kinda exciting to think 1 will die and the other is a queen. And you'll see why next year.

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