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Easy Come, Easy Go

You know, I blink and weeks pass before I write here. I've been horrible with social media too. It's been pretty damned busy here. Easy come, easy go.

Right now, I am looking back at two years of being an established self-published author. It's been a lesson, I have to say. When I began, I thought naively that the internet will pick something up. But now, I see it is harder than just posting things on social media. I learned that being on my own means doing it ALL on my own...and it means every mistake.

Sometimes, I feel as if everything had been done all wrong. I spent the months nitpicking the notes for "A World So Bright and Dark" and getting it into print. I told everyone I could. I reached out to bookstores and libraries. It was hard work spent learning the publishing world.

And I would not trade it for anything. I would do it again, the same way!

If anything, it was a teaching curve. I have since made connections and expanded my social media. I have done more to spread word about who I am. I have done events, although I am guilty of skipping and rescheduling. I have taught myself more than I anticipated.

What activity did you work on? Did you make it a career? Did it build who you are?

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