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What a week this has been!

Well, it's preparing for my son's birthday. There's the party and then his ACTUAL birthday. That was busy and utterly crazy. It was the first without my father. Another hurdle!

I have also set up the pre-order for Amazon Kindle. At this time, I do not have plans to publish "Casting Shadows" with Barnes and Noble. To be honest, it's aggravating getting the book published with them. They also do not support events, even though their website states you can if you published through the company.

The journey also continues into a contest! I am going to be giving away one free copy of "Casting Shadows". All you need to do is read and review "A World So Bright and Dark". That's it. Show me it's done. I am going to put your name in a drawing. On February 2, 2021, when "Casting Shadows" is published on Amazon, I will be picking out the winner. I included all reviewers already. You do not need to worry if you already put a review up!

Reviews can be on any website. It can be a Facebook group, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, a book club, anything! I just need to see it. You can message it to me, email comment here...anything! I DO NOT want the review sent to me directly and not publically published.

My live feed is also scheduled for 10/17, 7 PM EST still! Invite as many people as you can. Prepare your questions. COVID can't stop us now!

I post little updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can catch me there more often. I will try to post more here too. This summer has been insane. I hope the autumn brings good change, to you as well!

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