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#Countdown #CastingShadows #020221

Blessed Mabon and Happy First Day of Autumn! It's chilly here right now. Some of the trees are beginning to change color. It's not a lot of action. But apples are delicious and pumpkin spice never looked so disgusting before.

The countdown is beginning! "Casting Shadows" is set to be released on February 2, 2021. The pre-order has been set up on Amazon. Right now, the Kindle version is available. Once it gets closer to the release date, the print version will be uploaded. Then..."The Circle is Broken" will be set for a release date.

I have been on Instagram more and more. I also understand that the wrong kind of attention happens. Please understand, I do not appreciate spam. I will block you. I am also not adding any other social media accounts at this time. Check me out here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It's the last stretch of the year. Let's make this special! 2020 gave us a lot to think about. Let the new season envelope you and give you the renewal you need. Love to you all!

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