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I wanted to share some news today. But I did want to talk about the picture I posted with this blog. It is a quote from my grandfather. My grandmother posted it on Facebook some time ago and I wanted to remind myself of this. I think you all need to as well.

My grandfather died in 2013. He was an Episcopal priest and a follower of Buddhist beliefs (strange combo!). But what he wrote made me think today especially. "We are in the process of becoming what we already are". It reminds me of growth and stages of development. It means that we aren't always on a journey. Sometimes, life is a spiral and we keep revisiting things an making sense of what is in the future.

Anyway, the news of today: I did receive 2 books reviews on Goodreads. Before anyone gets all defensive and huffy, remember this: all authors get good and bad reviews, even bestsellers. People aren't always your cup of tea. And I have embraced that mantra with all of my heart. I appreciate each and every person who has read anything I've written. It is an honor!

I will not post what they are and who posted what. But I want you all to know that I am happy. Nothing can stop me now!

You know, when I was exclusively writing fan fiction, I came across this reviewer. He was VERY critical. It wasn't just constructive criticism. He was very nasty. He even messaged me via messenger ( and have nice messaging system) and went down a list of historically inaccurate things I did.

Being right on target with culture, social events and politics for a story is important. We all know TV shows that are products of the times they were created. But to be that picky and insulting about it was ridiculous. I almost quite writing right then and there, he was so nasty!

Then, I tried another fan fiction board. There, I made so many friends! They complimented my writing. They told me that I sucked them in. I mean, they DID point out my inaccuracies, but it was in such a way that made me feel better about myself. It built up my writing. It made me better, in the process of becoming who I am.

A World So Bright and Dark is riddled with errors, spelling and otherwise. No editor is perfect, not even mine! But some of those were done on purpose. This is about a teenaged girl. Name me 1 that is perfect in journal writing, if they do it at all.

For today, I want to celebrate. Things are looking up. Music is in my head and Casting Shadows is coming along. I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

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