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#BehindTheScenes 9 - Crafting

I was never really into it.

Yes, you heard me. I never got much into crafts. I mean, when I was younger, I did. I used to paint seashells and rocks, cover papers with stickers and all sorts of things. We had a box of construction paper, markers and all sorts of crafts. I did art in school. It was fun.

Then, I got older and art classes were more complex. The teachers gave me bad grades because I tried drawing to their specs, but I was never good. I skipped as many art classes as I could in high school and then tried again in college. I went to CCSU for a few years and only took a class.

This is where one of the pictures comes in. I remember having a class where we had to draw our shoes. I brought in my sneakers and began drawing. I REALLY concentrated. Like, I put a LOT of efforts into it. My professor comes over and broke it down. Told me how wrong it was - the shadows, dimensions, everything. I was done after that.

It was not that I took the criticism badly. The professor was right. Even though it was an intro class, he still expected some level of ability. It was that this was NOT my niche. I barely passed and never took another art class again.

Over the years, though, I have done little bits and pieces that mean nothing to you and something to us. I make candles and tried a business selling. That did not work out obviously. LOL I did cross stitching since I was a teenager. I have not touched it in years, but my work is always pretty good (except the back, it's a mess). I paint magnets and little things with my son.

Remember that your words have an effect on others. That art is truly what the heart says to make. And that all of those pieces might not be in paint and pencil, but it can be through voice, words and acting.


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