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#BehindTheScenes 6 - Pets

I think everyone can relate to this. Pets! We have all kinds, mostly cats and dogs. Some people have snakes and turtles. But over the years, we've had many.

When I was growing up, it was just cats and dogs. At one point, we had a cat that kept having kittens and we could not get rid of them all. So, we ended up with two dogs and six cats. I think was my son's age, maybe, maybe ten. So, that is eight animals, two parents and three kids. It was a crowded house!

But that never compared to the love. Growing up, I had a cat who stayed with me. Her name was Tabitha. She was a grey calico with a stump for a tail. She was my baby up until my son was born. Afterward, she was protective of the little one. She died shortly after my husband and I loved to Maine.

The pictures on my social media are the current babies we have now. There is a story behind getting them! First off, we did not name them and did not have them from the beginning. Rory (orange tabby) and Skaara (dark colored and skinny) came to us with two other cats in the fall of 2019. People we knew asked us for a roof over their heads, to escape an abusive situation, and we accepted.

Come to find out, they lied to us. The situation was abusive, but because of them. It was narcissism. It was four months of hell. But in the end, I evicted them. They never paid me anything and they caused a lot of trouble. But they could not take all of the cats. My son was attached to the orange tabby and the other was too old to travel again.

My husband and I could not say no to homeless cats. Despite the issues we have with them, we do love them. We'd like to open our home against someday for another animal. It is a lonely world out there. You have to give whatever love you can, when you can.

What pets do you have? Fur babies?


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