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#BehindTheScenes 4 - Family History

Here we go again!

If you are here, you probably received a notification, are exploring or have been on social media. And in this case, WELCOME! I am on Edition 4 of #BehindTheScenes and I have never been so excited! history. Just in my lifetime, there are a lot of sad stories. We've lost a lot of family, most recently grandparents and my father. No matter what, though, we acknowledged that they have lived. Whether they did wrong in their life or not, it does not matter. We know they existed and that is enough.

Currently, I am working through a lesser-known branch in my family. I have some pictures and documents, but I need more. I found out many news things, though. You have to get yourself immersed in culture and language that is not here. You cannot think like you doing this. And sometimes, I get headway. I might have a clue and get excited, but there is little more to follow up on.

I know people get annoyed. I am American, stick with it. But I love history, researching and walking through cemeteries. What better way to use this? Plus, I have sources overseas that can help. It gives me something to do when I am not writing. Not to mention, I find out truth when I was told lies or miscommunications.

What I also see is that it is healing. Generational trauma does exist and it passes on. By realizing what happened to our parents, grandparents and go on, we can see our own patterns. We can stop them and make sure our children do not face it (or the lack of children). Everyone deals with it differently.

I had my son when I was 22. My husband (who was just my boyfriend then) and I did not live together. I lived with my parents. But back then, I knew. It was different and I had to get away. So, I bailed and began a journey of healing and discovery.

But that is another story for another day.


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