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#BehindTheScenes 35 - Other Authors

It's Thursday again? Wow. We are #BehindTheScenes again, and this is about other authors. It is not an opinion piece on what I think about others in the field or what my favorites are. These are some that have inspired me and their works and their lives have caught my attention.

  1. Oscar Wilde - When I read The Picture of Dorian Grey, I was floored. The preface alone was enough to keep me hooked until the very ending. His life was just as tragic, being in an era where homosexuality was a bigger crime than it is today. What keeps me writing is the line that books are either badly written or well written, not moral or immoral.

  2. Phillippa Gregory - Please groan because I do. I know her historical fiction books are as good as Carolly Erickson's. But the writing itself, when you look at the character outside of the history, is detailed, juicy and exciting. It made me want to dare more with my books - make those surprise turns and push myself to write about what I don't know about.

  3. Langston Hughes - I was introduced to this poet when I was in grade school. The Negro Speaks of Rivers forced me to look beyond my borders. It was short and full of hope and pain. It also told me of the plight of others, especially those of black people. #BlackLivesMatter

That's it for now, everyone! I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe. Namaste!

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