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#BehindTheScenes 34 - Musical Inspiration II

Yes. I finally did it. I made another list and continued another post. In this #BehindTheScenes, you will learn more about my musical influences (not my favorite, of course). No judgments. What are your favorites? Comment below!

  1. Bach - Not only is this a funny MASH line and a memory when I was very young, but he was a unique composer. Bach thought that music was a gift and he shared his love and genius of it. I do not think I need to get into his life and achievements, but I do love how my father introduced his music through a 70's movie...

  2. The Corrs - I might get some hate for this, but I love the magic and mystique the siblings bring. Traditional Irish music and rock is a blend of their home culture and today's society, covering ethic, emotional and even relationship situations that are more than relatable.

  3. Taylor Swift - Another one I will get flak for, surely! Taylor Swift has spoken to a generation of people growing up awkward, needy and even with low self-esteem and her feelings about relationships, developing, careers, and more, and I cannot help but think about how, even in fame, she goes through the ordinary.

  4. Rammstein - Another strange one, but there is a reason why, despite the controversy they bring with their stage presence, lyrics and dress. This German metal band brings to the forefront the issues the world faces by dressing historically and socially and enacting the things we are scared of...just so we cannot be afraid of the dark anymore.

Can anyone name the movie I am referencing in point #1? I will give you a hint: the opening sequence uses Bach's Toccata in Fugue in D minor. I will post the answer next time.


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