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#BehindTheScenes 12 - Religion

Yeah, it is Thursday again! And we are #BehindTheScenes with me again! So, back to some background on my religion. No, I am not of any particular sect. I've said my peace in an earlier post about religion and politics. But this reaches into another aspect...

A World So Bright And is not just about a girl who goes from one place to another and gets bullied and abused. Most of that is based on my own experiences in catholic school. There is a certain secretiveness about being in a private school. The ceremony, the rules and the studies were just the tip of the iceberg.

And I am not making fun of Roman Catholics. They are good people. But I never felt like I belonged there. Whatever you believe in - that omnipresent being that most people hold onto - yes, is loving and kind. But I did not see where my wild mind fit into this ordered world. I did understand how they made me think, though! It was the best education I've received.

And it was also the worst social experience. A portion of what I've put in the book applies. You have a label and it is picked by the popular crowd. And while I now take pride in being the outcast and the loner, back then it hurt. All I wanted was understanding. I was willing to be loyal and kind, as long as someone was willing to be the same.

I hope that everyone I met there is doing well. It was a wide, open future on that last day. I never forgot the steps. I had to make them again and again as each chapter of my life ended and another opened.

These days, I take understanding and comfort in all religions, although I am pagan. In different aspects of my life, each passage had a special meaning. People came to me and gave me pieces of themselves in those verses. I cannot forget that...


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