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#BehindTheScenes 10.11 - Books

Books, books, books...where would the world be without them? And why did I label this 10.11 and not 10? Take a look into this #BehindTheScenes and read on...

Well, actually, I will address the title first. LOL I realized that I did a Behind the Scenes 4 twice. I am going to right it. I am surprised that nobody mentioned it before. So, this is 10.11 and we are back on track next week.

So, we are back to books...and how I got there. I will not get into the writing aspect. That came later. This is about my love my reading. So, once upon a time, there was a minister who loved to read, and he passed it to his kids. The oldest - my father - passed on the same passion. As far back as I can remember, there were always books in the house. He read to us, taught us to read, and instilled in us the same love.

We had guest readers. Funny voices. Chapters left on a cliffhanger. Oh, to be a kid and hear that again! Every reader sat on a bar stool (no joke) and read their portion. I was on the bottom bunk, surrounded by stuffed animals and ready to go to sleep...

Sometimes, the worst situation can bring the best memories. Those very people who came to read to us are now long dead or moved away from CT or we've lost touch for various reasons. But I can still remember the beginning of my love affair with books. It was the people who came, those close to my parents or my father himself, who came to entertain 3 bratty kids that stuck out the most with me.

And that is what I will take as one of my most treasured, innocent times.


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