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Author Christmas List

Well, I mean, "Author Quest" on social media covered it. But there is more to just reading, reviewing, and word of mouth that I want. As a person, there is so much in this world I want. It's possible to make a separate list that does not involve something about my books.

A fresh perspective made me change the way I think. This year has humbled me and most of it just involved taking a bus, kindness, and talking to people who were not like me. Having people cover my back also made me more confident and secure. What more can someone want?

For those people at the New Britain City Hall to stop sneering at the homeless.

For more people to give empathy and listen to someone who is not like you.

To understand that everyone did not have the same privledges you did.

For you to see without the eyes of judgment.

I am not a person who knows everything. I am just another soul working towards going home. I want to learn from my fellow humans how and help others with the same journey. We all run to the light differently. We don't need the promise of a heaven in order to do good for others, yearround.


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