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Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun Volume IV

June 13, 2024

John Ronald of Vicroy, Klenard was born in the reign of Queen Eleanor and King Charlemagne. His lifetime was filled with discord and mistrust and Mother Church was not kind to his like. After the death of his wife and the loss of his lands, John escaped to the Zean Forest with his only daughter, Victoria. Bitter with rage and crying for his homeland, he preaches using his Christian faith. It will sustain him, in revolution and death.


Through the Meadow

Through the Meadow
Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun Volume III

November 25, 2022

It is a new era in Klenard, but the cracks in the old world order are showing. Mother Church, the dominant world power, will have war against the pagans and heretics. The beautiful heiress, Miranda Bryon of Shaeriden, will rock that boat. Much married and with countless children, she looks to their futures and plans as the wind blows. A lesbian, she uses her connections to vanquish this evil and spark a revolt.


The Circle is Broken

The Circle is Broken
Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun Volume II

December 8, 2021

It was shocking to hear the news. King Gerald of Klenard had lied about Nora and Jayne and justice's wheels were turning. Yet, nobody raised an army to defend Klenard and Tommel from their war. Only the rightful monarch will come to their aid and the victor will need aid. There are a lot of rules that are broken in the control for Klenard and Tommel. The vicious circle of violence and corruption had to be broken...but by which defender?


Casting Shadows

Proyección de sombras

2 de febrero de 2021

There has been one land, but two monarchs. The dual kingdoms of Klenard and Tommel are about to undergo the most catastrophic changes they've had since its joint inception. King Gerald of Klenard had set the stage. Betrayal, war and lies are the name of the game between his twin daughters, Jayne and Nora, and his younger brother, Samuel of Tommel. Who will cast the largest shadow?


A World So Bright and Dark

Un mundo tan brillante y oscuro

13 de octubre de 2019

Young, naïve and full of hope for the future, Lizzie MacDougal thought she had a good life. As the last year of middle school passes, though, everything crashes around her as she is bullied and abused at home and at school. In this journal, she writes about the instinct to view the world as light and dark. This is what gives Lizzie the opportunity to keep growing.


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