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So, Maybe I Lied?

I don't like admitting that often. Lying, I mean. It's not great to do and I like to be honest and upfront about everything. HOWEVER...

There is another story I'd like to publish, before Wheels of Fortune. Originally, I wanted to get that story out. However, there is so much research behind the Salem Witch Trials. Between trying to read that, go to Danvers and continue my day job, I cannot possibly get it out in a timely manner. I'd have to run that between all this writing.

BUT there is another story, another world, I am making up and it's easier to write. It is about the Kingdom of Klenard. Two girls are set to be rulers. But there are more family secrets than their father cares to share. War shatters them and makes them realize who they are and what it means to be family.

That is all I am willing to release for the time being. I might add it to the books section on the website. I am still thinking about it. More details will be available if I do. BUT this will be another series. I have another story idea, but I do not want to share it yet. It will be the second book.

The series title will be Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun. I don't know how many books I will release for this world (unlike Risoke, with six or seven books), but I do want to explore Klenard a little more. Like, religion, social life and whatever. It took me years to make up Risoke. I hope it won't be long for Klenard!

Otherwise, I am updating this website. Some things will be taken out, others added. Please be aware that this will be a work in progress. Soon, things will be on available on Google and on the wider web. Please be patient!

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