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No News is Good News?

That's always a good question. Is no news good news? Perhaps. But there is some, not a lot. This is why I have not updated the blog in a couple of weeks.

Well, I am still researching the Salem Witch Trials and heading to Danvers. There is SO MUCH information, my head hurts. The theories seems to fit, but some are so flawed. Does anyone have a favorite theory on the cause? Or why the judges believed a group of girls/women?

Mostly, life has been heading into the imaginary Kingdom of Klenard. Princesses Jayne and Eleanor have been my favorite to write about. I did have to split up the story into 2 books, though. It was becoming so long! I might put up a sample of a chapter later on. At this point, the story is a rough draft and I don't want to share much of it yet.

A World So Bright and Dark is now on Smashwords! This is another ebook service. Definitely check it out! I have no word on the audio book yet. I hope to, before the end of the month.

Otherwise, I have been catching up on my reading. I've gotten into C.W. Gortner's books. He is a FASCINATING historical fiction author. I highly recommend him!

I will still be available, as much as anyone needs me. Right now, I am preparing for the events later this year. I am very excited about them and the opportunities given to me! How about you??

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