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Just to Note...

Before I go live with the lovely Aleigha, I have to make sure people are aware of some things. The more I write, the more I am realizing that people will mistake where I stand and what I believe in. I just want to note:

  1. I am not against any organized religion unless it dictates what I do with my life.

  2. I love it when people from other religions/ethnicities/etc., wish me well wishes their own way.

  3. I have many friends that come from an array of backgrounds.

  4. I am here to unfold, uncover and investigation - I am a writer!

  5. I will not be intimidated into changing anything.

Just so we are clear! No offense, no rock left unturned. I am bringing it to light, like the sunflower that brings brightness, even on a cloudy day. I will sprinkle it around like stardust in the cosmos.

Sunflowers and Stardust...I think I like that a lot.

Hope to see you all at the live! If not, I will post the link later.


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