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#FindOutFriday Answers 7

Friday again? Wow. Time is flying this year. Well, here are the answers to the last #TuesdayTrivia. Did you guess any of them? Let me know!

  1. Black Death - In Casting Shadows, there is mention of the plague, before inoculation of the kingdoms. I based this off of the Black Death that overshadowed Europe pre-1500 (not the sweating sickness) and created it as the same scourge the Black Death was.

  2. Smallpox Vaccine - Back to Catherine the Great of Russia and her innovation in helping the eradicate the disease! This vaccine, much like the one against the plague in the books, was injected the same way and used the same idea of poisoning for immunity.

  3. Queen Isabella, She-Wolf of France - The mother of King Edward III of England managed to escape the injustices of her husband and gather her forces in France. Nora did the same going to Lopet, although she did not have a son to hold hostage in another kingdom.

  4. Weaponry - Throughout the series, I reference weapons big and small, but none of them modern. I used weaponry found in Europe pre-1560, but did not rely on muskets or any other type of firearm (despite some being used in the Tudor ages).

That's it, everyone. Namaste, and have a great weekend!

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