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#FindOutFriday Answers 2

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to #FindOutFriday. The answers to last Tuesday's trivia are here! So...

  1. Henry VIII - King Gerald of Klenard was loosely based on the infamous King of England, although I used his Great Matter as a springboard. The main objective of the latter part of his reign - the quest for a son - dominated Gerald's life to the end, except for one little agreement...

  2. Burnings - Women were often characterized as demons and were, more often than not, named as witches and burnt. The burnings of women throughout the series was often based on the numerous witch hunts from the seventeenth century onward.

  3. Lesbos - The island in Greece has been named the root of the word lesbian and was supposedly home to the poetess Sappho. It was also the inspiration for Stepnick and the concept of it being a refuge for unusual women and those who sought peace until death.

  4. War of the Roses - The laws of kingly inheritance between Klenard and Tommel were loosely based on the sporadic English civil war. While England did not have a second kingdom it used for a second son, it still held onto pieces of land and named family members in charge, which did cause a civil war of sorts.

That's it! Until next week...namaste!

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