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Chronically Writing: Truisms II

I told you that I had more of these! This is Part 2 of truisms gained through chronically illness and trauma. I did notice that some of these are already up from another post from last summer. Please excuse my fuzzy brain. It's been busy here.

Credit goes to: Barenaked Ladies, RHCP and The Eagles. Comment with your favorites or tell me some of yours!

  • You can lay in bed, like Brian Wilson did.

  • Look up at the sky and wonder at the clouds.

  • The love I make is in the shape of my space.

  • Don't be guilty doing the right thing.

  • It's not about you - don't take it personally.

  • Live so that when you die, the Reaper cries.

  • You do not need religion to have morals.

Namaste, everyone! Have a great day!

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