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#BehindTheScenes 4 - Music

Yes, we are back to #BehindTheScenes Thursday! Today is music. You saw all kinds of medias and artists in my office. But did you know the influence?

I was raised with two siblings and a cousin and we were born one year after the other. Our parents were VERY young when we were born. So, they grew up in the 70's and 80's. We've been exposed to every type of music from the era and onward (even today's). Plus, we were alive for some of the most wicked and wildest. I've been to few concerts, but I've enough music to last me for decades.

We all grew up with tapes, CDs and vinyl. Our times was fast-changing and we almost could not keep up with the technology. I still can't. But the music still remains our heart and soul.

I've inherited most of my parents' and my in-laws' old media, which is being converted to CD. No, I cannot remaster it, but getting it on disc is enough. It's almost like preserving old movies and putting them to BluRay. People do not realize the magic behind a WHOLE album. Like 10-20 songs, some weird and others romantic, and there's the hit song. And you find more you love!

Music is life. It is emotion. It is the human experience. It is the way a singer and songwriter puts their being into a work of art and millions of others play it back for millions of different reasons. Yes, I am paraphrasing Dave Grohl, but it is true. We all have a memory, a ghost, that attaches itself to a song. I will tell you one of mine...

I remember "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles I was in sixth grade. I had a boyfriend and his name was Walter. He was on my bus and he was in the other sixth grade homeroom class. I got the Beatles' 1 album for Christmas that year and he wanted to hear that one song everyday, going to and from school. I did not mind sharing.

We had broken up, but remained friends by the end of the year. The song was always played until the last day. After that, I never saw him again. He was never home if we visited. After so many years, though, I doubt he still lives there.

Here's to you, Walter. I still listen to "A Hard Day's Night", not because I love the Beatles. It is because of you and the fond memories we shared. I hope you are well.

What is your song? Artist? Album?


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