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Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun

Casting Shadows
The Circle is Broken
Through the Meadow

It all began with the Klenard King and its vassal state, Tommel. For over two centuries, the House of Brutrose ruled the two kingdoms, with Klenard at the head and Tommel controlled by the second son of the King. Its most infamous ruler, King Gerald, had turned Klenard upside down in his anger and grief while Tommel stood by and watched under the guidance of King Samuel, the younger brother.

King Gerald's daughters were only the beginning: twins Jayne and Eleanor. One of them will determine the future of the great kingdom and the fate of the world around them. When the dust has settled, though, the world's head state, Mother Church, will win all and write history. The religious state far in the west holds world order and determines much more than kingdom laws. There was no stopping them from continuing to convert every piece of land and wage war!


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