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Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun

Casting Shadows
The Circle is Broken
Through the Meadow

It all began with the Klenard King and its vassal state, Tommel. For over two centuries, the House of Brutrose ruled the two kingdoms, with Klenard at the head and Tommel controlled by the second son of the King. Its most infamous ruler, King Gerald, turned Klenard upside down in his anger and grief while Tommel stood by and watched under the guidance of King Samuel, the younger brother.

King Gerald's daughters were the beginning of the saga. They fought for the Klenard Crown. Only one of them will help to determine the fate of the world around them. When the dust has settled, though, the world's head state, Mother Church, will win all and write the history. This theocracy structures the social and economic order and kingdom laws. There was no stopping them from continuing to convert every piece of land and wage war against their enemies.

In the middle of the second century of Christian rule, Mother Church declared a world war against non Christians. This impossible task was meant to be short, they claimed, but it lasted for decades and each side lost and gained land, men, allies and resources. The rights of those under their domain were taken away and ridiculous rules took their place.

But Kings had enough. Kingdoms purposely fell to the other side and monarchs saw the advantages of parting with Mother Church. They also saw the disadvantages of slavery and torture and listening to that one man. The organizations that sprang from this mutual want of world peace and prosperity raced to keep law and order. They also aimed to destroy the Holy One, the mortal who continued maintaining the integrity of the Holy Book. It was a tug-of-war and the civil wars, rebellions and factions threatened to tear it all apart.

With the advantage, Mother Church fought for its own survival and for the continuous conversion of the world. They rounded up and executed the leaders. They destroyed their bases and cut off supplies. They laid their lands to waste. The Holy One was determined. There shall be one religion, and he will be their only leader!

Snow Mountain
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